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Features > Autumn > Contemporary Homes > Monochrome Simplicity
MH010: Monochrome Simplicity
Photography: Martin Hahn / Narratives
Text: Ingrid Hoffman / Narratives
Styling: Shelley Street

An inner city Victorian cottage, lovingly restored, and pared down in monochrome simplicity. This is the home and sanctuary of a single working mother, her young daughter and their two feline companions.
This home features interesting collectibles, flotsam and jetsam from the sandy Cape beaches, and cool mountain forests. The photographs on the shelving were taken by the owner herself, and all the furniture is lovingly restored, recycled. This motif echoes the trend towards simple, uncomplicated living, environmental sustainability. This home has some clever storage ideas, interesting collections, visually appealing use of texture and form. Unpretentious, honest, authentic. A place of quiet calm in a turbulent, rapidly changing world
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