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BD145: Perfect Harmony
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Charlotte Colville / Narratives

Anna Greenacre has three great loves; her family, her pets and the sculptures
she curates. The three live in complete harmony in her converted barn, a
relaxed and welcoming home that has a place for everyone.
Anna Greenacre is the curator for Onform Sculpture and her husband Philip
is a screenwriter. They moved from London to Oxfordshire in 2003 with
children Georgia (now 18), Kit (now 15) and had Eloise (now 10) a year
after moving.
It’s not often that a drink in the pub leads to the discovery of your dream
home. But so it was for Philip and Anna Greenacre, who after a fruitless day
of property searching in Oxfordshire, dropped into a village pub for a drink
before dashing back to London. Chatting to a couple, who lived in the
village, they soon found out that a converted dairy barn, next door to the
couple’s home was soon to go on the market.
Anna and Philip wasted no time; they hurried to get the first glimpse of the
property, loved what they saw and put in an offer direct to owner before it
had hit the open market. Within weeks the house was theirs.
What was it that had convinced them so instantly that the house was for
them? Was it the village’s location, close to Oxford, yet deeply buried in
rolling countryside? Or the house itself’s position, on the edge of the village
backing onto green open fields? Or the large garden, perfect for children’s
adventures and even offering plenty of room for the pets that the children
had always longed for? Or the open plan kitchen with a playroom next
door? Or the delightfully cosy bedrooms snuggled under the rafters?

Spring, Country Homes, Family Homes, Animals, Feminine, Romantic, Conversion & Renovation
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