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Features > Spring Homes > Artist & Designer Homes > A Homage to the Curve
JB130: A Homage to the Curve
Photos: Jan Baldwin / Narratives
Text & Styling: Mary Norden / Narratives

Since 1975, when she was the first designer not only to put underwear on the catwalk, but to encourage it to be seen, thus starting the vogue for ‘inside-out’, she has continued to create her distinctive lingerie - a mix of sexy elegance and exquisite lace, with a good, humorous dose of the femme fatale. Chantal and her Paris home are no different. “ Where ever I live, I like to mix different styles and it’s often a reaction to the previous home, just like my shops. With this flat I love the style of eighteenth century Italy mixed with forties French. I find things and then like to improvise them”, for example, her huge set of wooden drawers in the main living area that has been covered in images of old fashion illustrations using the technique of decoupage.
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