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JB108: Kersefontein
Photos: Jan Baldwin / Narratives
Text: Cathy O'Clery / Narratives

Kersefontein is an old Cape Dutch farm in the Swartland (the Black land) of South Africa. It has belonged to the Melck family for five generations. The current incumbent’s business card reads ‘Farmer, Pig Killer, Aviator’ and in smaller text ‘Advocate of the South African Bar’. An ex-lawyer for the South African Air Force, Julian Melck now pursues his Boy’s Own passion for farming cattle, raising and hunting wild boar and flying. He is also an accomplished organist and by all accounts a bit of a rogue. His mother is Graham Viney’s godmother and Viney who has known Kersefontein since his childhood has decorated a substantial part of the private part of the house and the renovated outbuildings, which now house a small guesthouse.
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