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Features > Summer Homes > Country Homes > Meriel Hill - 16th Century Devon Farmhouse
PE004: Meriel Hill - 16th Century Devon Farmhouse
Photos: Polly Eltes / Narratives
Text: Celia Rufey / Narratives

Moving in to this Grade 2 listed building in North Devon was particularly exciting for Meriel, Andrew and their daughters, Alice and Florence, because it was their first real home. ‘As an army family we’d lived in 15 houses in 18 years’ says Meriel. During their first summer, Meriel spent the time making curtains and starting a garden from scratch. ‘Creating a garden was something I had always wanted to do but I had never been anywhere for long enough’. Having much practice at settling into new places, Meriel is brilliant at turning a house into a welcoming home.
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