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Features > Spring Homes > Architectural Homes > Barrionuevo & Sierchuk - Argentina
AMEE004: Barrionuevo & Sierchuk - Argentina
Photos: A. Mezza & E. Escalante / Narratives
Text: Marina Obarrio / Narratives

Gabriela Barrionuevo y Adriana Sierchuk combine three elements of architecture: materials, pure geometry and nature; all three in perfect harmony. Such is the case of this 1,000 m2 project. An" intelligent” house that handles everything from the entrance to the main bedroom, including watering, lights, fans, house temperature, with functions such as, “I'm leaving” or “Going to bed”. Walking into the house, a spectacular view meets your eyes: the swimming pool and the lake in the background, this is a typical feature of the houses built by these architects who retain a close connection between the interior with the exterior.
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