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PE029: Artist Susanna Heron
Photos: Polly Eltes / Narratives
Text: Celia Rufey / Narratives

Susanna Heron works closely with architects on large scale commissions in glass, stone and water for public buildings. Projects include a 50 ft high interior glass wall for the Mitsubishi building in Japan, and Still Point, a circular stone platform for Liverpool’s Metropolitan cathedral. Her studio, near Brick Lane, was an old print works and she raised the roofline with the help of Hogben and Hale Architects to get the high top-lit space she needs to hang scale drawings of work in progress. it is a short cycle ride from her house, where she’s arranged the interior very precisely for the way she wants to live. At the top, is her bedroom and bathroom, and on the first floor, the minimally furnished L-shaped paintings room with large canvases, where the floor is a functional space for laying out work she needs to look at or file. There is an upstairs and a downstairs office, each with a different function, and the important ‘social space,’ where she cooks and entertains. This extended kitchen/living area has a wall of folding glass doors to the garden. At the bottom of the garden she’s built a perfect little guest house.
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