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JB189: Peter Ting and Brian Kennedy
Photos: Jan Baldwin / Narratives
Text Cathy O'Clery / Narratives

There is no end to the creative work of Peter Ting and his partner Brian Kennedy. Peter is a renowned ceramicist and creative consultant to many high end brands, is head of homeware for Aspreys, and a visiting lecturer to the Royal College of Art and newly appointed Trustee of the Crafts Council. He has just created a new dinner service for Royal Crown Derby called Hachi (Japanese for the number eight) which will be launched into select stores from October.
Brian is an renowned artist, and as a curator has done many exhibitions and consultancy work for the Irish Crafts and Arts Councils.
They are constantly on the move between Brians native Ireland, South Africa where they have just bought some property, and Hong Kong, home to Peters family. They also travel extensively with their careers. Because London is their base it made sense to move from a suburban house to a new lock-up-and-go apartment in the recently developed Elephant & Castle area of central London.
The contemporary backdrop of the light-filled apartment has provided the couple with a fresh platform to display their beautiful collections of ceramics, objets and art and given them an opportunity to commission designs from many of their creative friends.

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