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Features > Summer Homes > Country Homes > Fashion Designer Victoria Stapleton of Brora
JB190: Fashion Designer Victoria Stapleton of Brora
Photos: Jan Baldwin / Narratives
Text & Styling: Mary Norden / Narratives

Some homes are made for relaxing in. With its squashy piles of soft blankets and cushions, and generally picturesque clutter, Victoria Stapleton's Cumbrian cottage is certainly one of them. It is no wonder that the Stapleton's excel at cosy. Her clothing company, Brora, is loved for its super soft, eminently wearable cashmere, and she brings the same feel to her decorating. Vintage textiles, a haphazard mix of tableware and painted wooden floors create a decidedly laid back home that has the comfort factor of a favourite cashmere jumper - the perfect chill-out zone.
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