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JB192: Roald Dahl's Cafe Twit
Photos: Jan Baldwin / Narratives

The delicious smells wafting around the Roald Dahl Museum are not only generated by the iconic chocolate doors, but also from the kitchen at Cafe Twit, where Tiffany Crouch and her team can be found cooking up tasty meals and snacks to museum visitors and locals. Lunchtime treats include delicious made to order paninis, cookies, truffles and the famous ‘Bogtrotter’ chocolate cake to which many regulars have become addicted! Everything is made on the premises from fresh, local ingredients; some from Gipsy House garden itself. After training in Cape Town’s cordon Bleu Cookery School and cheffing in an Irish country house, taking the position as head chef at Gipsy House, home of renowned food lover Felicity Dahl, was a dream job for Tiffany. She was given free reign to experiment with local produce and access to a library of cook books
by the world’s great chefs, some of whom were personal friends of the Dahls. Tiffany’s cooking career is a rather unique one, having catered for the cast of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and re-invented many Roald Dahl inspired treats. Having realised her dream of running her own cafe, Tiffany has now spread her spatulas to include outside catering for events and speciality cakes.
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