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Features > Summer Homes > Gardens and Outdoor > Clifftop Retreat
PE084: Clifftop Retreat
Photos: Polly Eltes / Narratives
Text & Styling: Celia Rufey / Narratives

Nigel and Susie Cole lease a hut on the edge of cliffs near Lyme Regis on the South coast of England. A few of these huts were built in the 19th century for potato pickers; there is a microclimate up there which allowed early potatoes to be grown. The Coles hut is a secret place, down a steep brambly track with an awesome view along the Dorset coast. The hut has no plumbing, When the Coles and friends spend the day here, or sleep over, they bring what they need down with them, cook lunch, have tea, then drinks at dusk to fuel the long haul up the track to civilisation.
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