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AC017: Fashion Designer Charlotte Semler of Myla
Photos: Alun Callender / Narratives
Text: Bridget Stott / Narratives

Myla lingerie company founder, Charlotte Semler's converted cow shed and dairy in the Cotswolds. Charlotte bought the place, along with the original farmhouse, two barns and an acre of garden, in 2008. The cowshed, was just a shell, and is now being used as a temporary home while the main farmhouse is being renovated. Once finished, the cowshed will become her office. Builders put in walls, ceilings, floors, three bedrooms, a loft office space, bathrooms and a kitchen to create airy, light-filled spaces with a smart, contemporary feel. Originally from Denmark, Charlotte specified super-insulated Danish-made windows and window catches and furnished it using modern and vintage Danish furniture and artworks.
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