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Features > Winter Homes > Christmas Homes > Jul Tidings - Jette Frolich
AC023: Jul Tidings - Jette Frolich
Photos: Alun Callender / Narratives
Text: Fiona McCarthy / Narratives

Based in a small area called Nærum, north of Copenhagen, Jette bought this home 16 years ago when it had originally been a stable, with barely enough room for a horse and wagon. From every window she can see beautiful trees and birdlife. The house distinctive yellow hue is a traditional Danish trademark. “As we do not get so much sun in the winter, the houses were painted yellow so that it feels like you are seeing little glimmers of sunshine through the trees.”
Danish designer Jette Frolich has been creating exquisite hand cut Christmas decorations for more than thirty years. She recently launched Nordic Living to help bring her special Christmas magic to the rest of the world.
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