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Features > Lifestyle > Travel > Kimberley - In Praise of Tin
JB018: Kimberley - In Praise of Tin
Photos: Jan Baldwin / Narratives
Text: Cathy O’Clery / Narratives

The fantastic mine museum in Kimberley is host to a wonderful collection of tin buildings. Among them is the charming Lutheran church of St. Martini. When travelling from Cape Town to Johannesburg, one of the most underrated routes is that via Kimberley. Apart from the glorious lack of traffic en route, Kimberley is a fascinating stopover and one can’t pass through without visiting the Big Hole and the mine museum.
The museum has captured the spirit of the frontier town with a collection of well preserved tin houses, shops and banks, an impressive ballroom and most charming of all, a simple church. The tiny Lutheran community was well ensconced in Kimberley with a mission station before the diamond rush and in 1870 they built themselves the church of St Martini on Thomas Street.
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