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BD058: Angels Nest
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text: Hazel Dolan / Narratives

It may have been an unplanned visit, but as soon as she saw a 'For Sale' sign on a 200-year-old cottage tucked into a pretty Cornish lane, she headed straight to the estate agent and asked to view it. Once inside, she was charmed by its potential: the three-storey house is surprisingly spacious. It was the secret garden behind it, though, that made her determined to put in an offer.
She planned to decorate and furnish the cottage as a surprise for her husband Paul. 'Of course, being totally impatient, I couldn't keep it secret,' she laughs. 'I only kept it to myself for two days. As soon as he saw it, he fell completely in love with it too.'
The cottage had already been renovated by a local developer, so all Angelique had to do was add colour and character to its plain interior. 'It was a builder's dream- all cream, and a bit boring,' she says.'I had to turn it into something really pretty with wallpaper and colour and finishing touches.' She opted for a palette of cool, coastal colours, and because her original plan was to use it as a holiday home, kept the budget to a minimum. I went for all the pastel blues and lilacs, purples and navy blues, and stony colours, with lots of linen,lots of cotton, and natural sisal flooring,' she says."
Most things here came from eBay or from reclamation yards, and I've just given them a lick of fresh paint. Even in the kitchen I didn't want to spend any money, so I painted it blue, bought a new cooker and cheap
accessories, and the job was done."
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