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BD059: Julliette Goggin
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text: Sally Gillam / Narratives

On the surface all is peace and tranquility- the lush gardens,the elegant old Victorian lodge and the serene rooms furnished with style and sophistication. But behind the walls of this Surrey idyll is a hive of industry where creativity, ingenuity and years of sheer hard work have triumphed.
Juliette Goggin, sales director of a cosmetics firm, husband Robin, who runs a recruitment business, live here with their three cats Ruby, Pearland Brenda, and brood of chickens.
Juliette Goggin's love of vintage home wares is infectious. Spend an afternoon with her cooing over 50s floral teacups, jelly moulds and retro fabrics and you resolve to spend the weekend hunting through charity shops, antique fairs and your localcar boot sale for hidden gems.
The truth of the matter is, however,that Juliette knows just what to do with her fabulous finds. She has the talent and patience to turn a couple of meters of fabric into a beautiful cushion or lampshade, old plates into a cake-stand, teacups into pretty candles. She waves her wand and conjures up some real eco magic- reinventing, recycling, renewing.
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