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Features > Spring Homes > Period Homes > Bryn Eglur
DP001: Bryn Eglur
Photos: David Parmiter / Narratives
Text: Anne Armstrong / Narratives

Bryn Eglur is an atmospheric 18th century cottage, hidden away in 12 acres of green pasture in West Wales. It is the bachelor bolt hole of building surveyor Dorian Bowen, who has lovingly restored it, according to traditional principles. I had been searching for such a place for a long time, until, much to my surprise, I was told this cottage was for sale and only a short distance from where I was born and brought up, says Dorian, who occasionally shares its beauty with self catering holidaymakers who, like him, love to escape the hectic pace of city life, and live a truly rural existence. When I first set eyes on it, it was a ruin, but I knew it was exactly what I wanted. It is a magical place, he adds.
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