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Features > Spring Homes > Waterside Homes > Tide Mill Cottage
DP003: Tide Mill Cottage
Photos: David Parmiter / Narratives
Text: Anne Armstrong / Narratives

Bryony Hebson lives in Suffolk amid historic surroundings long connected with boat building, sail manufacture and rope making. Her timber clad, black and white cottage is part of a complex of homes which were carved out of a 300 year old granary in the l990s. I regularly spot kingfishers, and herons, or cormorants juggling with eels. I have even seen seals swimming in the river. And, of course, the weather is always interesting, we have the fantastic Suffolk sunlight in the mornings and lovely starry evenings. It is clear that this cottage at the river’s edge has come to mean a lot to her. It is a house with a happy atmosphere, she says. It manages to be light and airy in the summer, and warm and cosy in the winter.
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