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DP004: Withamside House
Photos: David Parmiter / Narratives
Text: Anne Armstrong / Narratives

Di and Pete Ablewhite mastered the art of the compromise when they built their light drenched detached house beside a river, which gently meanders along the border between Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. I love old architecture and Pete loves new, so this house is the ideal solution enthuses Di. While the design of their 21st century home was inspired by the symmetrical Georgian architecture which Di so much admires, it comes with all the modern practicalities demanded by Pete. The couple demolished the existing 1970s home which stood on the site and lived in rented accommodation for more than a year while the new house which was built closer to the water than its predecessor, took shape. This house is a bit unusual in that the back was designed to be every bit as important as the front. At the back, we have our own 140 foot stretch of riverbank complete with fishing rights, as well as lovely views stretching across the fields, explains Di. Being by water evokes childhood memories. Around here, it does really feel as if we are living out of the pages of the book Wind in the Willows.
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