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Features > Summer Homes > Waterside Homes > High On A Hill
DP006: High On A Hill
Photos: David Parmiter / Narratives
Text: Anne Armstrong / Narratives

Cornwall has a wealth of wonderful seaside homes yet few are as gloriously positioned as Elaine and Richard Carps large, detached house, set on a cliff amid 10 private acres stretching along the north coast. We are lucky to have a home so close to the sea. It is a house which comes with a bit of history too, having once been an inn, and a haunt of local smugglers. After some serious renovation and updating a flavour of New England creeps into these old Cornish surroundings. We found the builder and the kitchen designer locally and both were excellent stresses Elaine, who loves shopping for antiques and decorative accessories in nearby small towns and villages. We bought this house as a place to relax and escape from the hustle and bustle of life. We have not been disappointed. The minute I walk through the door, I feel I am on holiday, she smiles.
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