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Features > Autumn Homes > Artist & Designer Homes > Contemporary Nostalgia - Avoca
BD079: Contemporary Nostalgia - Avoca
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Ali Heath / Narratives

The Dublin home of Amanda Pratt has a timeless appeal that combines the past and present with a unique and distinctive flair. With a passion for design and an intuitive ability to mix old and new, Amanda Pratt has filled her home with inspirational objects that all have a sense of history, meaning and purpose. Amanda lives with her husband, Tom and seventeen year-old twin daughters, Indi and Holly and their dog, in a Georgian villa in Dublin. It is no surprise that as creative director of Avoca, one of Irelands most successful lifestyle businesses, Amanda's style is quirky and distinctive; yet there is a compelling simplicity and understated timelessness to how she has chosen to decorate her home.
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