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HJ010: Spencer House
Photos: Holly Jolliffe / Narratives
Text: Louise O'Bryan / Narratives

Not only does this old Victorian home now have a practical family layout downstairs, there’s also the ultimate adult retreat in the converted loft area.
With a background in graphic design, and a new career as a garden designer, it’s fair to say that Emma Spencer has a natural creative flair and eye for detail, and this talent proved invaluable when it came to redesigning her family home. In fact, neither she or her husband Tim ever entertained the idea of hiring an interior designer to help them with the transformation of the property as they both knew exactly what they wanted and relished the challenge of tackling the project themselves.
Although it was a substantially grand property, it lacked a practical modern day layout, so first on the agenda for the couple was to tear down a rotting glass conservatory and replace it with a rear open-plan kitchen diner that flowed seamless into the garden.
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