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BP001: Summerbelle
Photos: Bridget Peirson / Narratives
Text: Sian Williams / Narratives

Julie Marabelle is the creative force of Famille Summerbelle,  a family business which was set up after the birth of their 1st daughter, Ophelia. Julie needed flexible working hours to help juggle the demands of parenthood; and with this in mind so the first collection of Famille Summerbelle was created for Ophelia's room:- 'Family Tree' prints that show her all her family members spread all over the world as well as other educational prints for her to discover and name animals, objects, and numbers... They create clever designs and accessories to decorate children’s rooms which are available to order online. 

Julie and Simon's new home in the outskirts of Paris has great character. They fell in love with the features inside: fireplaces, staircase, spacious and bright rooms.
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