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Features > Summer Homes > Contemporary Homes > Michelle Scott
AC003: Michelle Scott
Photos: Alun Callender / Narratives
Text & Styling: Sian Lewis / Narratives

Located on one of the oldest streets in Arundel, West Sussex
1850s terraced house with two bedroom and a garden that has been renovated. It's furnished with a mix of traditional teak furniture and retro lighting and chairs. Michelle is an artist and her own canvases hang on the walls.
Michelle planted her "artist's garden" so that she can paint it from the stable door out from her dining room.
The house has a mix of Asian, North African, French styles. Michelle has a great eye, honed during her years working in fashion industry. She's just opened her own boutique – same mix of styles, sells gifts, jewellery, handbags, furniture, and clothes.
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