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AC008: Regency Townhouse
Photos: Alun Callender / Narratives
Text & styling: Sian Lewis / Narratives

A four bedroom Regency townhouse in Arundel, West Sussex.
The house was previously owned by an architect, who reconfigured rooms
downstairs and added conservatory. Then owned by an interior designer who
decorated – and put in the Delft tile fireplace in the dining room. Di and Daniel simply moved in, after buying the house at a party when they got chatting to the previous owner. It's a small town!
Di loves bright colours, and uses fresh flowers to bring them out in
each room. Furnished with a mix of inherited antiques and modern reproduction furniture. The Regency grandeur is brought to life with quirky modern art, bright colours and a real passion for collecting objects from around the world.
The double-aspect living room on the first floor has stunning views across the town and towards the Sussex coast.
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