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BD084: Woodland Christmas
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text: Sharon Parsons / Narratives

I’ve always imagined spending Christmas somewhere like this,’ says Emma Bell as she strolls through the frosty woods surrounding the home she shares with husband Harry, set deep in the Dorset
countryside. Trug in hand and with labrador Charlie never far away, she collects holly, pine cones and foliage to take back to the former farmhouse, which can just be glimpsed amid the trees, woodsmoke
curling in the air. The view from the house is like a constantly changing painting that we never tire of,’
Emma explains. It’s an apt description as she is co-owner of The Mulberry Tree Gallery in Swanage which she and her good friend, Sonia, established along with their respective partners five years ago. The business is thriving, and Emma and Sonia are justly proud of building a solid reputation which nurtures and promotes artistic talent.
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