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BD087: Christmas Creativity
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text: Charlotte Colville / Narratives

Interiors Expert Julia and stylist Alex have combined their individual styles to create the perfect cottage.
Tucked away down a winding lane in the Cotswold village of Kingham on a snowy December morning is a hidden gem. A charming 18th Century Cottage, blanketed in snow with a wreath on the door, fairy lights twinkling, and a Jack Russell terrier curled up in front of the fire, it could be the front of a Christmas card.
It is home to Alex Longmore, and Charlie Mouse, and this is their first Christmas here. Somehow it feels they could have been here forever, so packed with character is the cottage; every surface covered in Alex's home made decorations, hand painted Christmas cards, and one off works of art.
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