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BD089: Home for Christmas
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text: Sharon Parsons / Narratives

Christmas in their Dorset cottage is always a special time for Sharon and her husband, Eric. 'We moved in mid-December 10 years ago,' she explains. It was absolute chaos with packing boxes everywhere and all the usual planning to do as we were determined to host the festivities here with family and friends: I never thought we were going to be ready in time, but somehow or other, we did it - even down to hanging a wreath on the door! It was all a bit make do and mend, but we still remember it as one of our best-ever Christmasses: we were just so happy finally to be here...'
Indeed, finding their old cottage in one of Dorset's most famous villages had taken them over a year of weekend searches. Nothing ticked the boxes,' Sharon recalls. The places we saw were either too big, too small or too remote - we really wanted to be part of a village community...'
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