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RS042: People Will Always Need Plates
Photos: Robert Sanderson /Narratives
Text: Vinny Lee / Narratives

The colourful office where Hannah Dipper and her husband Robin Farquhar run their company, “People Will Always Need Plates” is on the other side of the narrow corridor from their kitchen.
Robin, a Brunel industrial design graduate, and Hannah a RCA ceramist create distinctive kitchenwares and plates, the couple use the images of iconic buildings to create tableware designs that are inspiring enough to hang on the wall.
The flat where Hannah and Robin live and work is on the top floor of a 1960s block. “It was a pragmatic buy” says Robin, “we could see beyond the turquoise wood chip paper and fake dado rails”. Their update included installing heating, opening up doorways, rewiring and removing a collection of small cupboards and a larder. “We simplified the place, squared it up and made it in to a crisp white box” says Robin.

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