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PE094: Helena Knight's Christmas
Photos: Polly Eltes / Narratives
Text & Styling: Sian Williams / Narratives

Helena Knight lives with her Husband Terry and their family in this Victorian House
built in the 1890’s just outside of Epping, Essex. Helena owns a Ballet School in the
East end of London and Terry is Head of performing Arts at a local college in Essex.
Both had always loved Victorian architecture and when they went to view their house
in 2003, they immediately felt at home. ‘The house had a nice cosy feel about it and
it backed onto Epping Forest which appealed to us ’, says Helena. They are 5
minutes away from a tube station, which means they could be in central London
within three quarters of and hour.
They moved into the property in 2004, it was in good condition but had an 80’s feel
about it so needed updating.
In their first summer there, they had two floods in the basement, so they had to seal
the room properly, which was a big expense not expected. On the up side, Helen has
a lovely office and workspace now. The other big project was fitting a new kitchen;
the other rooms were just decorated and refreshed.
Decorating for Helena is where she is in her element and her house is brimming with
beautiful colour schemes. Vintage accessories have been inherited from family over
the years and fabrics and furnishing have been carefully choosen to tie in with this
decorative look.
‘With all the work pretty much done it’s a lovely house to come home to and relax
and enjoy time with the family. We have the best of both worlds with its location close
access to central London and beautiful Essex countryside’ she says.
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