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Features > Spring Homes > Contemporary Homes > Maggie Allen
AC030: Maggie Allen
Photos: Alun Callender / Narratives
Text & Styling: Sian Lewis / Narratives

Maggie Allen bought a townhouse that had been carved into bedsits –
and set about creating a spacious family home.
The front of Maggie Allen's house has always looked grand. Sitting in
the middle of a grand sweeping of white stucco crescent on a hill
overlooking Brighton, the townhouse, built in 1860, looks sophisticated
from the outside. But when Maggie and Lynn Allen first stepped through
the front door in 1986 it was a different story inside. Every main room
had been split in two so that they had more rooms to rent out, each had
a horrible basin in it,' she remembers of her first visit. Undeterred,
Maggie and Lynn bought the house – and for the first three years they
let the art students stay. We needed the money,' says Maggie
laughing. Lynn and my brother rewired, because it was unsafe, and we
painted everything white but apart from that we didn't touch a thing until
we could afford to.'
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