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JB217: Roger Oates & Fay Morgan
Photos: Jan Baldwin / Narratives
Text: Margaret Caselton / Narratives
Production: Effie World

Roger and Fay Oates are already well known for their distinctive flatweave carpets
and runners - favoured by designers, architects and decorators… and coveted by
home journalists (like me).
These classic, chic rugs are hand produced and woven in a little factory in
Herefordshire, set deep into the Malvern Hills. Roger and Fay live next door in a
rambling five bedroomed home decorated in their singular style (they met at The
Royal College of Art) with many of their own fabrics and floor coverings. Their
simple decorative scheme incorporates craft pieces, paintings and furniture
collected over the years. The harmony of colour, texture and form is evident
The garden, which stretches into the landscape beyond the house and factory, was
designed by their son Dan and in spring and summer is full of bloom - including
roses, poppies, peonies and lavender. The garden is structured by borders, arches
and little pathways. There is a potager and a wild meadow beyond.
Roger and Fay live in the house with their little Jack Russell terrier Inka.
(The factory which is adjacent to the house is also full of colours, textures and halfwoven
rugs on looms and is an interesting interior in its own right).
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