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MH011: Heart and Soul
Photos: Martin Hahn / Narratives
Text: Ingrid Hoffman / Narratives
Production & Styling: Shelley Street

Victorian terrace home of Warren and Rupert in Cape Town. the house looks much like many others of its era.
The decor is eclectic. A playful pastiche of styles and eras, all framed by the Victorian elegance of
high pressed ceilings, dado rails, and deliciously large expanses of white - the perfect canvas for
collections. Rupert believes that Life is an alchemical process. With the current economic downturn, Rupert has tracked a trend towards re-cycling, retro, bargain hunting.“We love the current eclectic look, and the movement towards warmth and texture, blending old and new to give a home a personal feel and a sense of identity, which is a movement from the minimalistic, pared-down look towards nostalgia and cocooning. Taxidermy, that was so popular with the Victorians, is trendy now in Europe. Their shop O. live, Chemistry of Living showcases their decorating style.
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