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AC092: Lou Rota
Photos: Alun Callender / Narratives
Text & Styling: Fiona McCarthy / Narratives

There are few people who can make creepy crawlies chic, but Lou Rota is one of them. In just four short years, since abandoning a hugely successful career in science and natural history documentary making, Lou has become one of the design world’s most intriguing talents, something also not lost on iconic retailers like Liberty of London and Anthropologie.

People have gone positively potty for her quirky take on decorative art, where she teams ‘pretty and tough’ seamlessly, and unexpectedly beautifully, together. There are handsome stag beetles swaggering across upcycled delicate vintage floral plates, flamingos and pidgeons pecking at rose petals on fine bone china mugs. In Lou’s world, nature and nurture collide. Particularly in her home in west London, ‘the mood is like a large Dutch still-life painting,’ she says, ‘with rich, traditional colours, overblown florals prints on walls, and everywhere you look there are finds from carboot sales and junk shops, which I’ve upcycled, because I really feel they lend a warmth through their patina of wear and age.’
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