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Features > Summer Homes > Period Homes > Chateau de Mairy
AC093: Chateau de Mairy
Photos: Alun Callender / Narratives
Text & Styling: Abigail Edwards / Narratives

Michelle had sold her house in the south of France and was about to return to England when she met Frans at a party. They fell in love and instead of moving back to England she moved into a 17th century chateau in Champagne.
The couple love in one wing and let the rest of the chateau out for holidays as a way of making their home pay for itself. They have carefully restored the chateau whilst adhering to the strict rules of its listed status.
Chickens and cats wander around the cast grounds with fifteen hectares of forest as well as a large lake and a bountiful vegetable garden that provides produce for the meals cooked for guests by Michelle.
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