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BD109: Mark Thurgood
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Sarah Stewart Smith / Narratives

The designer maker, Mark Thurgood, 51, has lived in his home in London’s East Dulwich with his partner, Sally Cole, 47, for the past six years. They bought the house as it fulfilled on all their dream of living in large spaces, with an extensive rambling garden surrounding the property. The house, a late nineteenth century Victorian brick built building has a classic but imposing façade.

Mark and Sally’s home is by turns, surprising, fresh, intriguing and fascinating. This unusual combination is a direct result of Mark’s highly tuned eye for contrast, industrial design, mid-century-modern design, and, not least of which, a good does of what he calls ‘the-breaking-of-the-rules’. He loves the colour yellow and avidly collects what many of us would assume is junk, but which he then turns into his own kind or art either in the form of pieces he sells or as little ‘moments throughout the house’. For Sally, the joy of her home is its simplicity and the way it evolves from week to week with an ever-changing landscape of still-lives and groupings of furniture. It is also a very sociable home, excellent for spur of the moment gatherings.

The basics are all in play together – a good neutral background of grey walls, and then a quirky, playful foreground that is ever-changing,” Mark says.

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