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PE097: Barnstorming
Photos: Polly Eltes / Narratives
Text & Styling: Jane Graining / Narratives

Jean and her husband Keith had always loved Suffolk and so when work circumstances changed and two of their sons had found homes of their own, they began to scout around for somewhere new.
Friends of theirs living in Suffolk took them to see a converted barn "We had never thought of ourselves as being barn people, we really like 'cosy', so we were surprised at how much we loved the openess and the
space"Jean explains.
There has been a barn on the site where Jean and her husband Keith now live since mediaeval times. Although the barn they bought in 2004, to convert into their new home, was a replacement for the original and built in 1880.
The interior layout they designed with the help of friends who had converted a barn themselves, "we liked what they had done and it helped us decide how to plan our interiors."
They found an excellent local builder and after seeing a couple of his barn conversions they all worked together to configure the final design.
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