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Features > Spring Homes > Contemporary Homes > A Phoenix from the Ashes
PE098: A Phoenix from the Ashes
Photos: Polly Eltes / Narratives
Text & Styling: Jane Graining / Narratives

The story of Julia and Jeremy's Suffolk home can be divided into two very distinct periods: Before the Fire and After the Fire.
In 1996 Julia and her family, sons Tom and Monty, then just toddlers, had moved to live in the house in a village on the outskirts of Ipswich. The house had been designed by an architect for his own use, just prior to the second world war, it was an ideal family home, spacious and with a large garden.
Then, in 2006, shortly after returning from holiday, the house was totally devastated by fire caused by an electrical fault in the tumble dryer. After the fire it didn't feel right to move away, "We hadn't chosen to leave our home, it had been taken away from us. Here was an opportunity to rebuild the same place, which we all loved, but with changes to suit our current lifestyle." Ultimately, the appalling episode of a disastrous fire has given the family an extraordinary opportunity. A chance to develop a house they knew well and loved and refashion it into an enhanced, new and more spacious home which really works for them and their grown up sons. A veritable phoenix risen from the ashes!
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