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JB224: Nikki Tibbles Christmas
Photos: Jan Baldwin / Narratives
Text: Effe World / Narratives

The well known London florist, Nikki Tibbles, whose 'Wild at Heart' shops are patronised by an A-list clientele celebrates Christmas at home (and in her shops) with a fresh and innovative theme every year. 'I love generosity in everything', she says 'in entertaining, with friends, with flowers - and an abundance of decoration'.
Nikki's elegant west London home which she shares with partner Raymond, his two sons and Nikki's four rescue dogs, is an open house at Christmas, 'It's a time for friends and family', she says. And there's never a shortage of new ideas - Nikki creates a different decoration and colour theme for each of the Christmas trees - probably a total of five - throughout the house. A lavishly decorated 8-foot tree dominates the main living room while a collection of winter branches are illuminated with pretty white lights in her bedroom. The first floor mantelpiece is almost lost under garlands of fir cones, eucalyptus, silver balls and white feathery doves. Beeswax candles and a blazing fire in the hearths create a traditional spicy fragrance throughout the house as well as creating a warm welcome. An oversized seasonal garland, stuffed with fresh hydrangea, hangs on the front door.
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