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Features > Summer Homes > Artist & Designer Homes > Sara Covelli & Janie Tennant
CR026: Sara Covelli & Janie Tennant
Photos: Claire Richardson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Vikki Elias / Narratives

This Suffolk famrhouse, where Sara and husband Hugh live with their two children, is a much loved family home, and furthermore the backdrop to 'Covelli Tennant' a vintage textiles and bespoke upholstery business company founded and run by Sara and her friend and business partner Janie.
What began as a passion for collecting antique and vintage fabrics, soon progressed to restoring and reinventing antique furniture, which has become the main focus of the business.
The interior of the farmhouse is where they trial new ideas.Well-worn furniture from yesteryear, that has served a generation, is given a contemporary edge and a new lease of life. So much so, that the furnishings in the farmhouse are always changing.
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