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BP008: M the Letter M
Photos: Bridget Peirson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Mia Pejcinovic / Narratives

After living in Winchester for nearly ten years, in September 2009, this Georgian flat came on the market. 'I'd always wanted to live in one of these building. I had always admired them, they are such a landmark in the town; so architecturally beautiful and decadent.' says Emily. However on entering the flat, the interior was a completely different story. 'It was quite depressing. It was in such a sorry state, very dilapidated and unloved. But I could see the potential immediately.' she explains.
As an ex council property it had been stripped of all its original features, partition walls had been put up and all the room sizes altered. Emily bought the flat and work started, with a strong vision of what she wanted to achieve. 'I simply wanted to make the interior match the grandeur of the exterior.' explains Emily.
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