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Features > Spring Homes > Period Homes > The Great House
DP023: The Great House
Photos: David Parmiter / Narratives
Text & Styling: Anne Armstrong / Narratives

Several years ago Tim Lowe went house hunting in Carmarthenshire. ‘As I have a mysterious fascination with Wales, probably because my mother’s family are Welsh, as well as a lifelong interest in architecture, I felt immediately attracted to this fantastic old house as soon as I heard it was for sale,’ enthuses Tim, who bought the property before he met his wife, Suzi. It is now their much-loved family retreat, light years away from their
metropolitan life in London.
Known as The Great House, it stands in a long street of fine period properties in the quiet little town of Laugharne, nestling by the Taf Estuary, renowned for its association with the poet Dylan Thomas, who lived in a boathouse only a short distance away - 2014 marks the centenary of Dylan Thomas' birth.
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