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EW003: Oak House
Photos: Emma Lewis / Narratives
Text: Liggy Griffiths / Narratives

A stunning Grade II listed house in the depths of beautiful Wiltshire owned by Interior Designer Henny Tate, her husband Rupert and their three children. The house is 350 years old in parts and the history seeps through oak panelled walls and you feel it in the uneven floors and door frames! But it has also been lovingly renovated with Henny's eye for a bargain from the kitchen work tops from an old billiard table top, old church pews at the kitchen table, re-upholstered chairs and curtains made from old french linen sheets. There is a touch of the ethnic cleverly infused to the country cottage from a collection of art and textiles collected over years of travelling. It is a nurtured family home compiled from upcycling, old and new fabrics, cultural pieces and an acute eye for detail and colours.
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