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BD130: Kids on roof
Photos: Brent Darby / Narratives
Text & Styling: Sian Williams / Narratives

Dutch designers Romy Boesyeldt and Ilya Yashkin have been running their company Kidsonroof since 2005. They design creative toys and products for children and Adults alike. Before Kidsonroof, Ilya had trained and worked as an Architect and Romy had a job in media and communications.
The house is built in the 1890’s with high ceilings, steep narrow staircases and big bright rooms all typical of its era. Designed with their three children in mind, it’s very lively and easygoing in style. ‘All of us fit into the house comfortably each having our own private space as well a big communal living area where we can spend plenty of time together too, says Romy’.
Multicultural influences that stem from their love of travel, time spent in France as well as their family backgrounds, (Ilya Russian born and Romy Dutch) are evident all over the house making this home very unique and personal.
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