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RM006: English Eccentrics
Photos: Rachael Smith / Narratives
Text & Styling: Rachel Leedham / Narratives

When antiques dealer Robert Gordon met his wife Lucie Allison, their styles differed wildly: Gordon, whose mother is Swedish, favoured pale Gustavian-style pieces, while Allison couldn’t get enough of colour. So when she moved into the garden flat in Belsize Village that Gordon had purchased ten years previously, Allison admits that she was somewhat stumped by its pallor. ‘There were lots of pale greys and whites,’ she recalls. Fortunately, Gordon was game for a change, admitting that ‘Lucie opened me up to a completely different approach to interiors.’ The classic Swedish pieces have gradually been swapped for more quirky, often colourful finds, from pillar box red dining chairs to bold 1960s fabrics. The result is a home that is warm, welcoming and wonderfully eccentric.

Period Homes, Storage, London, Urban, Family Homes, Retro, Scandinavian, Collection, Display, Summer, Spring, Contemporary, Small Spaces, Garden, Belsize Park, Swedish, Apartment, Flat, City, Antiques, Gustavian, Romantic, Eclectic, Colourful, Feminine
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