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Features > Lifestyle > Food & Drink > Family Olive Harvest in Tuscany
JB175: Family Olive Harvest in Tuscany
Photos: Jan Baldwin / Narratives
Text & Styling: TBC

A highlight of the year in Tuscany is during the November Olive harvest.
Traditionally, the Italians call upon their extended family at harvest time, rewarding them with magnificent outdoor lunches!
Britons Ann and Charly followed their example, flying in 10 relatives and friends to help pick the olives – Thanks to the teams energy and enthusiasm, and a record number of cups of teas consumed in an olive grove, all had been picked by day one, using 5 metre nets and excellent tree climbing skills and the next afternoon they were tasting the oil – which tasted all the better for having hand picked the olives themselves!

Tuscany, Italy, Food, Outdoor, Autumn, Autumnal, Olive Groves
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