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CR027: Vanessa Barneby
Photos: Claire Richardson / Narratives
Text: Daisy Bridgewater / Narratives

Vanessa Barneby winces into the photographer's lens. It has been three years since she ended her five-year stint as Living Editor for British Vogue in order to start the wallpaper company, Barneby Gates, and she is clearly far more comfortable on the other side of the camera. 'Now I know what it feels like,' she laughs, artfully cramming children's toys behind the sofa, out of shot. 'I have been tidying up like mad all week.' But once her daughter's pink plastic keyboard has been removed from view and her son's train set replaced in the pretty upholstered toy box, she has very little to worry about. Decorated with a stylist's eye and drawing on an address book complied over a decade creating room sets for glossy magazines, Barneby's house is picture perfect, each room an expression of her considered and finely honed aesthetic.

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