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CR028: Willow Crossley
Photos: Claire Richardson / Narratives
Text: Daisy Bridgewater / Narratives

In a life where even drawing breath can seem to take a bit too long, it would be easy to scoff at the carefully wrapped match boxes that sit on the mantelpiece at the home of Willow Crossley, 29, blogger and beautiful mother of two, whose first book, The Art of Handmade Living, was published this summer. It would be easier still to send up her collections of twigs, bound in coloured silk threads, that are displayed in glass jars around the picture-perfect Cotswolds home she shares with her husband Charlie and their sons Wolf, 3 and Raffy, 9 months. The time-starved might be baffled at the thought of decorating clothes pegs and storing them in a hand-sewn fabric bag, and possibly irate at embroidering postcards before sending them. But there is no need: Crossley, who finds herself mesmerised and obsessed in equal measure with everything from scraps of vintage fabric to boxes of new stationery has done it all for you. Flick through the pages of her book, and rather like the unmade recipes from glossy cookbooks that you can almost taste but have never made, her simple homespun craft projects let you share momentarily in a world you may never have time to inhabit.

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