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BP010: Summerbelle Christmas
Photos: Bridget Peirson / Narratives
Text & Styling: Sian Williams / Narratives

Quirky decorations and unique personal touches give Parisian born designer Julie Marabelle’s family home a heart and soul as well as a relaxing work place. Julie is not a follower of fashion, having her first child, Ophelia gave her the inspiration to set up her business, ‘Famille Summerbelle’.

What makes Julies home so unique is her creative touches throughout the house especially at Christmas time. ‘I have great fun getting ready for the festive season, says Julie. I make home made star biscuits for the tree with my children Ophelia and Lucien as well as paper tree and leaf cut outs for the windows and branches in the living area as well as other various hand crafted decorations that pop up all over the house.

Family Homes, Working from Home, Home Office, Creativity, Creative, France, Paris, Christmas, Festive, Winter
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