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VY017: Colour Splash
Photos: Viv Yeo / Narratives
Text & Styling: Helen Carter / Narratives

From the outside this could be any other five bedroom Victorian terrace, but as you enter you are confronted by a wonderful modern space – light and uplifting, elegant and sophisticated but with a strong sense of family life evident. Kim Saint, a buying manager for the luxury British fashion house L.K Bennett and husband Joachim, a shoe designer of 20 years, with his own business, have developed this idyllic Brixton property since 2004 using their creative eye, and very much imprinting their own style upon this home. There is a strong theme running throughout this house of modern simplicity, original workmanship and an appreciation of the quality or functionality of the object or material which allows for a contemporary twist within this traditional south London setting.

Urban, City, London, Family Homes, Spring, Summer, Victorian, Modern, Bright, Colourful, Contemporary
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